Unlike other energy products, StimuLean™ was not created in a laboratory. We combined herbal extracts from around the world into a single supplement that stimulates the body just like nature planned it. Exotic and rare plants known for their natural stimulating effects provide the ingredients for each capsule of StimuLean™.

Its main ingredient, Cha’ de Bugre, is harvested deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Generations of Brazilians have relied on this “coffee of the woods” to help get them through the long work days and the festive nights. StimuLean™ also contains natural herbal extracts of Guarana, Yohimbe, Green Tea, Bitter Orange, Ginseng and Yerba Mate.

StimuLean™ is an innovative combination of natural herbal ingredients, specifically designed to deliver clean, safe, natural energy to enhance physical and mental performance. Work hard. Play hard. Go to school. Just get out of bed. Sometimes we all need a kick to get the job done. StimuLean™ helps get you through without the unwanted side effects from artificial stimulants. No Crash and Burn. No Jitters. Just a healthy boost of energy for the mind, body and spirit. So kick start your morning and leave your grogginess behind!


StimuLean™. Natural energy direct from the earth to you.