Stacey Loretta - 31 years old - Huntington Beach, CA

I am a mother of two young boys who keep me going all day. I started taking StimuLean™ 2 months ago. It gives me the extra bit of energy I need in the afternoon where I would normally feel extremely tired. I also have lost 8 lbs and feel FANTASTIC about myself. I would recommend StimuLean™ to anyone who wants natural energy without the jolt of other caffeine based stimulants. I would also recommend it for anyone looking to lose weight and stay fit.


Jon Moskowitz - 42 years old - Ridgewood, NJ

I have taken StimuLean™ for several weeks. I find that it helps me focus better at work and I have been much more productive as a result. Coffee has always made me jumpy, but the StimuLean™ gives me a nice clean boost without the coffee jitters.

Jordan Kotellos - 22 years old - Hawthorne, NJ

I take StimuLean™ before hitting the gym and it gives me the extra burst I need to help me get through my workouts.

Jack Knudsen - 20 years old - Paramus, NJ

I play college football and the StimuLean™ gives me that extra boost of energy to get through practices and games without getting tired.